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Sunday, January 14, 2007

2nd unit of Triarii

I've finished the final unit of Triarii. The standard bearer is a Copplestone-sculpted Foundry one. The Centurion is Gripping Beast. Rank and File are Crusader. I haven't painted anything on the Vexilium yet so need to think what I can put there. Now I only have the Principes to do to finish the legion. I might be able to get all twelve done in a week if I really work at it.
Here is the combined unit of Triarii with figures from each legion. I've now painted 79 figures for a total of 1143 points. Not quite my biggest WAB army (that's still the Wars of the Roses one) but getting there.

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Giles said...

I was following your Byzantine blog and wondered why it had gone quiet - now I know! Excellent stuff. I have a few Gripping Beast figures from this period, although everyone else seems to go for the Crusader ranges. Looking forward to seeing the armies develop (and the Perry Sudan stuff too - now that project has to high on anyone's list).

Best wishes.