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Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Stages in painting

During a boring meeting at the Mansion House this week I worked out the various stages I need to go through to paint one standard Roman:

1 Clean up figure with file and knife
2 Make base from artists card
3 Superglue figure to base
4 Undercoat
5 Paint skin
6 Paint tunic
7 Paint second coat on tunic (especially if black undercoated figure)
8 Paint leather work (belts and sandals)
9 Glue sand to base
10 Paint shading on skin
11 Paint highlights on skin
12 Paint whites of eyes
13 Paint pupils of eyes
14 Paint lips
15 Paint shading on tunics
16 Paint highlights on tunics
17 Paint shading on leather
18 Paint highlights on leather
19 Paint base
20 Drybrush highlights on base
21 Matt varnish
22 File shield
23 File pilum
24 Undercoat shield
25 Undercoat pilum
26 Paint shield
27 Paint pilum
28 Paint shading on shield
29 Paint shading on pilum
30 Paint highlights on shield
31 Paint highlights on pilum
32 Paint Bronze metalwork on figure
33 Glue shield to figure
34 Glue pilum to figure
35 Touch up hand/spear
36 Matt varnish shield
37 Matt varnish pilum
38 Paint bronze shield rim
39 Paint iron shield boss
40 Paint iron pilum head

So, 40 stages for one figure. No wonder I only paint six a week!

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Giles said...

Have you considered using the Little Big Man shield transfers? Can't remember if he does Crusader Roman-sized ones yet, but I tried them out on some Foundry Caesarean Romans and they looked very good. Might save on some painting time (although the transfers can be a bit fiddly to apply before you get the hang of them).