Recording the creation of Roman, Carthaginian and other armies for the 2nd Punic War.

Sunday, February 11, 2007

Second Legion Complete

The combined cavalry force.

The final unit of principes.
I've finished the second legion by completing the principes and the last cavalryman. I can't think that I have ever painted an army quite so quickly. There are 92 figures for a WAB total of 1316 points.
The next job should be to paint the Italian allies and I have most of them based now. However at a run through of the Tony Bath rules we are using for the Society of Ancients Battle Day it became apparent that what we were short of was Macedonian cavalry and Greek light troops, so I may do those next.

The completed second legion.

The two legions in battle array.


Giles said...

Those legions do look good - you can't beat massed ranks of Romans. I like the bases too - they look suitably "arid" with just the right amount of grass. Excellent stuff!

legatushedlius said...

Thanks! I'm envisaging them for Spanish, North African and of course Italian theatres so decided against the usual brown mud approach!