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Sunday, December 03, 2006

First Unit of Velites

I have finished the first unit of Velites. It should be 12 figures at the 1 to 100 scale I am using but I am taking as my model the suggested army from the WAB book which uses 8 or 9 to keep the points down. I can always expand the unit later.
Javelins are a mixture of Perry and Xyston. Generally, the current theory seems to go against the full wolfskin rather just a helmet covering of fur. I'm not going to throw out half a pack because of this though; it would be nice if manufacturers offered packs with or without wolfskins instead of mixing them up.

I have set up an excel spreadsheet to keep track of the army's points. I am now up to 483 points but most of that is still down to the General and the Consul who make up 290 points.
Next up is my first cavalryman and the first eight Principes. I've also started another six velites and five Hastati for the second legion. These will have red shields.

Here is the first completed Hastatus for the second legion.

Here is the first Princeps for the first legion.

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