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Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Principes nearly done..

My Crusader order came today. I ordered at 11.04am on Monday and they arrived 9.30am on Wednesday. Pretty good. I now have enough figures to finish the first legion and the cavalry. I can do most of the second legion but need some more command I think. I will put in another order to Crusader as they have reduced their box sets and I am quite tempted by the Byzantines again. I thought I had decided on Gripping Beast for those but enjoyed painting the Crusader Roman figure much more than the GB ones even though the GB ones are more anatomically correct.
Hope to have most of the day at it tomorrow so want to finish my first cavalryman, three extra Velites to make the full 12 and three last figures for the Principes unit. Quite a tall order but achievable. Finished eight Prinicpes today.
Next up I will undercoat the first Triarii and base the last of the cavalry. I am going for one unit of six figures which at 1 to 100 is exactly right for 2 legions worth.

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