Recording the creation of Roman, Carthaginian and other armies for the 2nd Punic War.

Saturday, December 23, 2006

First Legion Complete

It's taken a bit longer than I had hoped, mainly down to Christmas shopping etc.

This is the first Legion based for WAB at a figure scale of 1 to 100.

12 Velites 84 pts
12 Hastati (drilled) 132 pts
12 Principes (drilled, light armour, pilum) 156 pts
6 Triarii (light armour) 90 pts

3 Cavalry (light armour) 51 pts

Total 513 pts

1 General 145 pts

Grand Total 658 pts

I've finished five of the second legion with most of the rest being based and undercoated.

After Christmas I will order the remaining figures I need to complete the second legion and order some Italian Allies from A&A Miniatures.

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