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Monday, December 04, 2006

Last Order of Romans

I just sent an order off to Crusader to pick up the last figures I need to complete the two legions (except maybe some extra command-but I am going to buy some Foundry Caesarean standard bearers for variety). I had to order rather more figures than I needed to fill the gaps but I will put the spares into my Italian allied forces who I want to look a little less uniform anyway. I ordered extra velites so I can have units of 12 if needed. Hopefully the SOA will issue some orders of battle soon. I am taking nearly three weeks off at Christmas so hope to have finished all the Romans by then. Then I will start with the Italian allies using A&A Samnites for at least one "legion".

I have also started on about 10 Greek light infantry for the Aetolians. I am using some Foundry Steve Saleh "World of the Greeks" figures which I already had. These are rather more elegant, anatomically, than the Crusader figures but match well as regards height and general appearance.
I have decided to do batches of eight figures at a time. I had a good weekend and not only finished the first Velites but some of the Roman Marching camp figures.

These are no use for Cynoscephalae but good for a Spanish raid scenario I am thinking about given that Mark Sims is working on a Spanish range at present.
I have made good progress on the first cavalryman and hope to get him finished before next weekend. Likewise I have eight principes that just need the bases , shields, pila and metalwork painting. Hope to get these done before next weekend too.

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