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Wednesday, November 29, 2006

First Unit of Hastati

The first unit of Hastati is finished. The good thing about the Hannibal and the Punic Wars supplement for WAB is that you can use 12 man units because of the rule about using rank bonus from supporting units. I suspect, when deployed, that 2 line units like this won’t be any good as they only give a rank bonus of 1. To get the full rank bonus for the supporting unit you would have to rank them up as 3 deep (i.e. with a frontage of 4 figures). The loss of one figure would destroy your maximum rank bonus in one go, therefore.

The more Crusader figures I paint the more I like them. Some of Mark Sims’ figures have been a bit short and stocky for my tastes lately but he seems to be addressing this. Indeed, even within this range, the figures in chainmail are noticeably taller than the Hastati and the Velites. This would usually annoy me but because the build is similar it’s really not noticeable unless you stand them next to each other and look at them from eye level. On the left we have a Hastatus. On the right a general from the new senior command pack.

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