Recording the creation of Roman, Carthaginian and other armies for the 2nd Punic War.

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Punic Puzzle Solved

Left: A&A Carthaginian Right: Crusader Roman
I have been trying to find some figures for a Punic Wars Roman army for some time and have ordered samples from different manufacturers without being really happy with any of them. I liked the Renegade Romans but not their Numidians. The Gripping Beast ones had the range but were really too slim to go with my existing Celt Army which is a mixture of Renegade and A&A. I saw on TMP that Crusader Miniatures have just announced they have completed their Republican Roman Range with an excellent General and marching camp. I hadn't really looked at them but these new sets were excellent. I have now compared one of their Roman figures against an A&A Carthaginian I already had and they are completely compatible. I think I read somewhere that the A&A figures are Mark Sims too.
Case solved! Gripping Beast, Companion and Renegade off you march to eBay!

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