Recording the creation of Roman, Carthaginian and other armies for the 2nd Punic War.

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Hannibal's Last Battle: Brian Todd Carey

I picked up this new book in Waterstones yesterday. It looks like a good summary of the three Punic Wars. The best thing about it is the battle maps, however. Each battle featured gets five or six maps, rather than the more usual one or two, showing the development of the battle.
The battles illustrated in this way include: Tunis 255 BC, Ticinus 218 BC, Trebia 218 BC, Cannae 216 BC, New Carthage 209 BC, Baecula 208 BC, Metaurus River 207 BC, Ilipa 206 BC, Great Plains 203 BC, Zama 202 BC, Cynoscephalae 197 BC, Magnesia 190 BC, Pydna 168 BC and Carthage 147 BC.
From a wargaming point of view this is excellent and has got me wanting to get started on some opponents to my Romans.

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