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Monday, November 05, 2007

Crusader v Renegade Comparison 2

Here are a couple of pictures of Velites from Renegade and Crusader. Confusingly the top picture shows Renegade on the left and Crusader on the right whilst the bottom is the other way round. The figures are not that different in size or bulk but the real difference is in the head size where the Renegade figures are very exagerated. The Numidian figures I bought were even worse with the head about one quarter of the size of the body. Horrible!

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Consul said...

I have ALOT of the those Renegade velites for use as Legionary/Germanic Skirmishers. So many infact I could make up several units of skirmishers. I was going to use some for my Romans and some for my Macedonians but may well just use both for Romans.