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Thursday, January 14, 2010

Carthaginian Veteran: shield issues

The unit so far

This unit was going so well. I had finished the twenty figures except for the shields and I was just waiting for my LBM shield transfers to arrive. When they did I realised that they don't fit most of the shields in the Crusader packs. This is not LBM's fault, though. The problem is that they arrived with a mixture of three different shields, which is fine for veterans who have looted much of their gear. There were a number of hoplite type shields and this was OK as I had already got some Carthaginian transfers in stock.

Then there were the curved shields (above), which the LBM transfers were designed for, but the problem is that there were only three shields of this design included in the twenty that arrived; most were a flat design (below) for which LBM do not make a transfer.

Having just let them sit for weeks because I was so fed up with this I did glue all the shields on yesterday evening with the realisation that I am going to have to paint eleven shields by hand. This shows how lazy LBM has made me as, of course, this is what I always did before! I painted all my Spartan shields by hand and so shoouldn't be too put off by this!

The good thing is that now I know, with a bit of luck, that I should be able to get them finished this weekend! Next I have a unit of A&A Miniatures Carthaginian Veterans to start but at least I have all the right transfers for the shields for them!

I don't think that we are now doing Zama at the club; there doesn't seem to be that much interest and I don't even know if we have been entered for the SOA battle day or not as I haven't been there for months. Nevertheless, I always wanted a Carthaginian army so will carry on with these anyway.

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